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Greetings from CEO

British social entrepreneur Jamie Oliver says his cooking makes people happy and becomes the seed that changes the world. I also think that people learn a lot and feel happiness, joy, through the Fair Travel, and it becomes the grounds of positive change of society.

......Life begins at the end of one’s comfort zone. Sometimes people just focus on the how they can enjoy comfortableness in their travel with good hotel with beautiful scenery. However, we believe when we think more about what destination we are going, and what kind of culture they have, the travel brings more valuable experience than we expected. In the process of preparing for the trip, their life is start to change. The travel brings you full of inspiration and happiness which never experienced if you just click full packaged luxury tour. You can meet local people intimately, and it leads to become friends together and they become your life asset that warmly support you. This is the Fair Travel that we provide.

It is not perfect way to cover all issues around the world, but we still believe it is worth to try. That’s why we keep doing this social business.

‘From the essay, ‘Will Our travel change the World?’, Ko Doo-hwan,

Ko Doo-hwan, CEO

Making a sustainable world
through fair travel

  • Establish a fair travel model of coexistence to help locals
    for self-reliance, self-government,
    and self-esteem
  • Promote sustainable growth of individuals, society, and regions based on social values
  • Build an East Asian Peace Community
    (International solidarity, Peace travel, Peace Unification Research)

Core value

  • Community

    Community is our best partner who accompany with whole process of our program


    We aim to enhance fairness in society.

  • Sustainability

    We contribute to achieving SDGs through Fair Travel


    We jump into challenge with warm heart and quick action.

  • Happiness

    We believe happiness of community brings happiness to traveler


    We facilitate traveler and local community to understand each other with empathy and respect

Our business

  • Youth Travel School
    Youth Travel School (Laos, Bhutan, Vietnam, Europe, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines)
    Junior Global Camp
    Learn more
  • FAIR TRAVEL Program
    Domestic program (Daejeon, Bukchon, Jeju, Paju DMZ)
    Overseas Program (Taiwan, Laos, Vietnam, Bhutan, Europe, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong)
    Peace travel (North Korea-China border, Vladivostok in Russia, Hiroshima in Japan, etc.)
    Learn more
  • Overseas Training (Field trip)
    Policy study for public officers, congressmen (Policy for sustainable development, Social innovation, Happiness Index, Urban Regeneration, Industry 4.0, etc.)
    Overseas Training for private institutions (technology learning, benchmarking)
    Overseas Training for civil society organizations (Community revitalizing, local ownership, Social Innovation, Fair Trade, etc.)
    Learn more
  • R&D, Incubation Program
    Training and consulting for Fair travel companies
    Policies and Cases study in Fair travel field
    Enactment of the local-law for a Promotion and Supports of Fair Tourism (Daejeon, Daedeok-gu, Dong-gu, and Yuseong-gu in Daejeon)
    Research and consulting on sustainability, social value, social innovation, peace, unification of Korea, etc.
    Learn more
  • International Cooperation / Emergency Relief
    Project for achieving UN SDGs (Sustainable development goals)
    Establishing a local library and Children’s center, Cultural heritage and conservation activities.
    Emergency relief and reconstruction support in disaster area
    Learn more
  • Community Revitalization
    Renovating empty house as guest house and community space for community revitalization (Hiroshima, Japan)
    Urban Regeneration Project in old town (Center of Daejeon city, Korea)
    Learn more
  • Travel for “doing” rather than simply “going” somewhere
    values relationships over consuming
    inspiring you through various experience with locals
    keep the value of fairness by being away from any action related to prostitution, animal abuse, or forced / illegal labor
  • Travel for happiness of the Earth and the local community
    Employing local guides and use local facilities (hotel, restaurant)
    buying local souvenirs or fair trade products
    Using public transportations or walking for reducing carbon foot print
    participating in environment protection project
  • Travel with relaxing and learning
    Being friends with locals
    learning local history and culture (e.g. visit museums, galleries, temples etc.)
    Understanding locals through participating into their life
    Feeling happiness of sharing by donation of program benefits to local community